The Y-maze is similar to the T-maze, but has three identical arms. Gradual turns of the Y-maze decrease learning time as compared to the sharp turns of the T-maze. The Y-Maze Test is used to test spatial learning and working memory in rodents. This working memory test is based on spontaneous discovery and alternation between arms. In this test no training or food is required. Three identical arms are mounted symmetrically on an equilateral triangular center.


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Calculates and analyzes parameters related to learning and memory automatically, such as the time needed to reach rewarded arm. Analyze behaviors in relation to Arm, such as the number of entries into each arm.

About VJ Instruments Y Maze

The VJ Instruments Y-Maze is manufactured using high end material and consists of 3 similar arms placed at 120 degrees to each other. Maze is available in any custom color.

The Y-Maze comes in as a part of the whole package that includes a Licensed MazeMaster video tracking software, camera with accessories like cables fixing, IR lights, Light fixtures and a PC. Same package can be used to perform tests on a variety of other mazes manufactured by VJ Instruments like Y-Maze, T-Maze, Radial-Maze, Morriswater maze, Barne maze, Elevated Zero Maze, Open field Maze etc.

  • The VJ Instruments provides a complete solution to track the rodents in Y-Maze.

    The rodent is placed in the center of maze and is monitored by a MazeMaster video tracking application through a camera that is fixed directly above the maze. MazeMaster software analyzes the video and parameters like number of entries to each arm, distance travelled, time spent in each arm etc. are recorded by it. The trajectory of the movement is provided by MazeMaster software which helps to analyze movement of the rodent.


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Note: VJ Instruments product development is a continuous process so specifications may change without prior notification.


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