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Cutting-Edge Tabletop Transdermal Patch Machine: Revolutionizing TDP and ODF Production

The VJ Instruments table-top Film Former coating machine is designed for use in the development and small-scale production of transdermal therapeutic delivery system laminates (TDS-patches) and the creation of edible films/oral dissolvable film bulk (EDF/ODF) without requiring any additional modifications. It facilitates batch-wise coating of 75 mm wide webs with successive manual lamination steps. Within the machine, you will find a coating head equipped with a Manual Dragger, where the coating knife is securely installed. This specialized tool ensures exceptionally high product quality, achieving an ultimate accuracy level of ±1% throughout the entire coating width. This level of precision sets it apart as the machine with the industry’s lowest thickness variation available on the market.

Precision Film Production with VJ Instruments Table-Top Coating Machine

In these videos explore the VJ Instruments table-top Film Former coating machine. Learn how this compact and versatile machine simplifies film production for pharmaceuticals and food. Discover its precision coating, batch processing, and temperature control capabilities. Uncover how it streamlines the process and enhances product quality. Dive into this innovative technology and its impact on various industries. Explore more or reach out with your questions.

To make oral dissolvable film and transdermal patches conventionally glass petriplates , Teflon coated petriplates and Teflon petriplates are commonly used. The major disadvantage of petriplate is time consuming process that takes hours and reproducibility of the same thickness is less.


VJ instrument rectified this error by developing self- drying tabletop semiautomatic machine with uniform film making dragger machine. This machine can be used for long single film with uniform thickness.


The film former machine has the elegant exterior fabricated of Stainless Steel box with toughened glass table- top. We can maintain the temperature of the glass tabletop from ambient to 100 C with the help of digital thermostat. The unique dragger is provided with digital screw gauges to make uniform thick films.

The Film Former is a versatile semi-automatic unit equipped with essential components, including a dragger with digital screw gauges, a stainless steel body, a heater, a glass tabletop, and a digital temperature controller. It serves as a key tool for producing oral dissolving films and transdermal films with precision.

In the first step, set the temperature of the glass tabletop according to the specific solution or suspension being used. This can be easily adjusted via the control panel.

Next, fine-tune the dragger screw gauges to achieve the desired height, considering the impact of evaporation on the film’s thickness.

Position the dragger and dragger guide on the glass tabletop in preparation for the film-making process.

Prepare a bubble-free solution or suspension containing the necessary components, including the drug, film former, and plasticizer.

For oral film production, use the dragger to apply the solution evenly onto the glass tabletop.

If producing transdermal patches (TDP), start by placing a release liner on the glass tabletop. Then, cast the film onto it and apply the backing membrane.

Once the films are dry, carefully remove them from the glass tabletop. They can then be cut according to the required content and weight specifications, ensuring uniformity.

This step-by-step process, facilitated by the Film Former, simplifies film production, making it efficient and precise for oral dissolving films and transdermal patches.

Sr. No. Specification Details
1 Model No VJODF-Lab
2 Certificates GMP, ISO, CE
3 Production Capacity 1 inch X 1 inch – 150 ODF in an hour.
4 Size of Film drawn 75 mm width X 500 mm Length.
5 Coating Accuracy +/- 1 to 5 μm for a 100 μm dry coating over the entire coating width
6 MOC Non-Contact Parts SS 304
7 MOC Contact Parts Toughened Glass & Aluminium
8 Product Any Aqua base or solvent base formulation.
9 Heater Heater of 1 kW is provided in the insulating box to achieve the temperature from ambient to 100 C of glass table top.
10 Control Panel Advance control panel with a digital temperature controller helps to control the temperature of the tabletop with accuracy of +/- 1degree Celsius.
11 Electric Accessories 230 V 1 Phase 50 Hz
16 Documents User Manual, Warranty Certificate.
17 Electric Consumption 1 Kw
18 Dimension (LXWXH) in mm 657 mm (L) X 581 mm (W) X 183 mm (H)
19 Weight 22 kg. (Approximate) 75 kg. with packing (Approximate)
Note: Capacities mentioned above depend on samples used and may vary accordingly. VJ Instruments product development is a continuous process so specifications may change without prior notification.
  • Emergency stop switch.
  • Auto stop feature when process time completes.



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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs provide essential information about the VJ Instruments table-top Film Former coating machine, its capabilities, and its benefits for potential users and customers.

The primary purpose of this machine is for the development and small-scale production of transdermal therapeutic delivery system laminates (TDS-patches) and edible films/oral dissolvable film bulk (EDF/ODF) without any further modification. It facilitates batch-wise coating of 75 mm wide webs with successive manual lamination.

The machine features a coating head (Manual Dragger) with a specialized coating knife that guarantees extremely high product quality. It offers an ultimate accuracy of ±1% over the entire coating width, resulting in the lowest thickness variation available in the market.

The machine achieves uniform film thickness through the use of a unique dragger with digital screw gauges. This allows for precise control of film thickness, ranging from 0.01 mm to 1.00 mm with an accuracy of +/-1%.

This machine can produce films with a width of 75 mm and a length of up to 600 mm.

Yes, the machine is versatile and can work with both aqueous and non-aqueous solvents.

The temperature of the glass tabletop is controlled using a digital thermostat, allowing for precise temperature adjustment from ambient to 100°C.

The machine is equipped with an advanced control panel featuring a digital temperature controller, ensuring accurate and user-friendly operation.

No, after producing films or transdermal patches, there is no need for additional drying. This arrangement helps maintain film uniformity after drawing on the glass tabletop.

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