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Revolutionizing Insect Behavior Analysis: Advanced Video Tracking with Insect Tracker

Insect Tracker revolutionizes insect behavior analysis with its cutting-edge tracking capabilities in fields such as entomology. Seamlessly recording and visualizing insect movements, this powerful tool provides researchers with detailed insights into spatial navigation and zone-specific behaviors. With automated data analysis and customizable features, Insect Tracker streamlines research workflows, facilitating collaboration and accelerating scientific discoveries. Unlock the secrets of insect behavior with confidence and precision using Insect Tracker

Dive into Insect Behavior Analysis

Unleash the power of insect research. Insect Tracker empowers you with precision, flexibility, and data-driven insights. Track movement, analyze behavior, and gain a deeper understanding of insects like never before.

VJ Instruments introduces a groundbreaking tool, the InsectTracker, poised to revolutionize the monitoring of insect behavior. Through this innovation, researchers are invited to embark on a transformative journey, made accessible through a complimentary trial offer.


The InsectTracker is designed to cater to the nuanced dynamics of insects within custom enclosures, particularly tailored for studies involving drosophila and other insects. This versatile tool offers a plethora of applications, from exploring spatial navigation insights to conducting genetic-environment analyses.

Spatial Navigation Insights

Researchers can now delve into intricate movement metrics such as distance traveled, velocity, and zone entries within specialized enclosures like the Y-maze or place preference chamber. These insights provide invaluable understanding into the behavioral patterns of insects within controlled environments.

Genetic-Environment Analysis

One of the key features of the InsectTracker is its ability to facilitate deep analysis of genetic-environment interactions. By studying active versus resting periods using the robust Drosophila model organism, researchers can unravel the complexities of how genes and environment influence behavior.

Effortless Data Analysis

With the InsectTracker, extracting essential behavioral data has never been easier. Researchers can effortlessly differentiate between active and resting periods, as well as analyze metrics such as distance covered. This streamlined process allows for efficient data interpretation and analysis.

Zone-specific Analytics

Researchers can define specific zones of interest within the enclosure and derive crucial metrics such as duration spent, entry counts, and entry times for each zone. This granular level of analysis enables researchers to gain deeper insights into insect behavior within different spatial contexts.

Visualize Movement Patterns

The InsectTracker enables researchers to visualize insect trajectories as activity traces, which is particularly beneficial for scholarly publications. These visual representations provide a comprehensive understanding of insect movement patterns, further enhancing the interpretability of research findings.

Implementation Steps

To utilize the InsectTracker, researchers can follow a simple three-step process: Record, Upload, and Analyze with Ease.

Streamlined Recording

Researchers can use the InsectTracker Camera app for seamless video recordings on any mobile device. Real-time monitoring and remote trial management capabilities enhance convenience and flexibility. For pre-recorded videos, researchers can simply upload the footage and initiate analysis.

Automated Data Analysis

The InsectTracker automates the data analysis process, simplifying complex tasks for researchers. By defining zones of interest, the tool automatically generates data on distance, speed, and zone-specific time. Researchers can easily export videos and traces for academic use.

Model No.VJIT-01
Material of CompositionSS304, Acrylic & Glass
GIGE Camera SpecificationArea Scan Camera-7000-
A7500MG20E-Sensor: Sony
IMX264 Interface: Gig E; PoE
Sensor Size: 2/3; Colour: Mono
Resolution: 2448 X 2048 (5MP)
Sensor Type: CMOS Area Scan
Pixel Size: 3.45 Frame Rate: 23 fps
Global Shutter
Lens: Machine Vision Lenses-SV-SV-
0814H- Hig h-resolution lens 8mm
Recommended PC Specification– Windows Version: Windows 11 (64-bit)
– Processor: Intel Core i7, 11th Generation
– RAM: 16GB
– Hard Drive: 1TB SSD
– Display: ≥ 20 inch, 1920 x 1080
– USB Ports: 2



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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions about our VJ Instruments Insect Tracker, its applications, and how it can benefit your specific needs. Here are some common questions and answers to provide you with quick and helpful information:

Insect Tracker is a cutting-edge software tool designed to revolutionize the monitoring of insect behavior. It provides researchers with comprehensive insights into insect dynamics within custom enclosures, facilitating studies on various insects, including drosophila.

Insect Tracker is ideal for exploring intricate insect dynamics within custom enclosures tailored for drosophila and other insect studies. It offers insights into spatial navigation, genetic-environment interactions, and effortless data analysis.

Insect Tracker allows users to gain valuable insights into movement metrics such as distance traveled, velocity, and zone entries within specialized enclosures like the Y-tube or preference chamber. It also facilitates analysis of genetic-environment interactions by differentiating between active and resting periods using the robust Drosophila model organism.

Insect Tracker enables effortless extraction of essential behavioral data, including distance covered and active versus resting periods differentiation. It also offers zone-specific analytics, allowing users to define zones of interest and derive crucial metrics like duration spent, entry counts, and entry times for each zone.

Yes, Insect Tracker allows users to visualize insect trajectories as activity traces, which is perfect for scholarly publications and presentations.

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