VJ Instruments has introduced the Fluidized Bed Processor, a revolutionary dryer and coater, adapted to handle smaller trial batches of pellets. Our new fluid bed processor offers multiple processing providing both flexibility and cost benefits.


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We have introduced our Fluidized Bed Processor(coating and drying) for the research and development in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food industry and academics like pharmacy colleges and institutions. Coating process of pellets are to modify colour, improving test, modified release form and protects from moisture and oxygen.


Till now the research and development units of pharmaceutical companies were forced to manufacture large unnecessary quantities of test drugs due to the requirements of existing standards coating facilities. Needless to say, this resulted in huge wastage effort and money.


Fluid bed processor is designed to suit this specific need with unique standard of small batches of pellets. It ensures that the quantity of the test batch never exceeds your requirements.


In addition to handling aqueous as well as organic film coating systems, it is extremely portable. An advance control panel helps you to monitor and record all the settings for the Fluid bed processor.


Coating bowl is consisted of central cylindrical portion fabricated from SS- 316 quality material.. A Glass Cylinder  is provided on the upper cylinder to have view while coating.


The heater heats the inlet air to the desired temperature required to dry the pellets. It can be controlled to deliver the air from ambient to 90 C.


The exhaust pipe clears the unwanted fumes and dust generated by core pellets and coating material from the coating bowl.

Spray Gun

Spray guns is provided which fits in  both top and bottom spray coating. The spray gun delivers droplets for the coating solution on the pellets. Its superb performance is achieved by the use of a new range of nozzles made up of SS-316 and metered dozing with the help of peristaltic pumps. It is easily adjust- able along with its standard. You can achieve droplet size from 50 to 5000 micron depending on viscosity of solution. Standard nozzle size of spray guns is 1 mm and customised sizes are also available as per the requirement.


4 Inch Touch Screen PLC based Advanced control panel offers complete control over the various setting for the coater.


Peristaltic pump delivers exact amount of solution to the spray gun through silicon pipe.

Bottom-Spray Coating (Wurster coating)

This processing option uses the energy and controls the fluid bed to create a pneumatic mass transport inside a special insert, which is consisted of a perforated bottom screen with defined free areas.

This uniform statistical residence time of all particles in the coating zone results in a very uniform coating. Due to the high kinetic energy provided by the pneumatic mass flow moist particles are separated, as such allowing the individual coating of even very small particles. Due to the nozzle being positioned directly inside the product and concurrently spraying a premature viscosity change of the coating droplet is avoided. All these features result in the highest possible coating quality, which is imperatively required to produce defined and reproducible drug delivery profiles.

Top-Spray Coating

Spray coating can be used for all fluid bed systems, be it in batch or continuous operation or if the film is applied from a sprayed solution or suspension. For this processing option from the parameters has to be chosen to avoid agglomeration, i.e. liquid bridges between the air suspended particles.

If spraying a solution or suspension the liquid only serves as a vehicle to deliver the coating material to the surface of the substrate. The quality of the coating extensively depends on the statistical residence time of the particles in the coating zone. For a classic fluid bed unit only top-spray coating is possible. Bottom- spray arrangement can be made by the replacement of container. A perfect film is generally not required for this function, but care must be taken that the droplets should not be too viscous before touching the substrate, in order to maintain a good spreadability. As however neither the particle motion, nor the travel distance of droplet from nozzle to substrate is uniform, the film structure is generally rather porous, but nevertheless measuring up to the above described requirements.

Model No.VJFBP-01
Electrical servicesAs per country requirement
Peristaltic Pump RPM3 to 100 rpm
Spray GunSS316 1.0 mm Bore (for Top and Bottom Spray)
Temperature ControllerAmbient to 80 C
Heater1 HP
Fluidised Air BlowerCompressor Air 7.5 Bar
Width400 mm
Weight(Approx.)110 Kg

*Capacities mentioned above depend on samples used and may vary accordingly.

  • Emergency stop switch.
  • Auto stop feature when process time completes.
  • MSME Certificate
  • ISO Certificate
  • GMP Certificate
  • CE Certificate
Note: VJ Instruments product development is a continuous process so specifications may change without prior notification.


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