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Morris Water Maze: Navigating Spatial Learning and Memory

The Morris Water Maze, often referred to as “the Morris watermaze,” stands as a pioneering test developed by Richard Morris for the evaluation of spatial and learning memory. This method is widely recognized and utilized for its effectiveness in assessing these crucial cognitive functions. The Morris Water Maze consists of a tank filled with water and equipped with a platform that serves as an escape route for animals. During testing, animals must learn the location of the platform using spatial cues, making it a powerful tool for evaluating spatial learning and memory. This page delves into the purpose, benefits, technical specifications, and how VJ Instruments provides a comprehensive tracking solution for the Morris Water Maze.
Purpose of the Morris Water Maze

The Morris Water Maze is a behavioral procedure designed to assess spatial learning and memory. Its primary objectives are:

  • Evaluating spatial and learning memory by testing how animals locate a hidden platform in a water-filled tank using spatial cues.
  • Providing an automatic calculation and analysis of various parameters, such as time spent in each quadrant, trajectory, and latency to reach the platform, through specialized software.
Exploring VJ Instruments’ Morris Watermaze

VJ Instruments’ Morris Watermaze is constructed using high-end materials, ensuring durability and precision in research. Key features of the Morris Watermaze include:

  • Material and Support: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and supported by four wheels for easy movement.
  • Customization: Available in a variety of custom colors, offering adaptability to individual preferences.
  • Clear Plexiglass Platform: The maze is equipped with a clear Plexiglass platform, allowing for optimal observation and tracking.

The Morris Watermaze is part of a comprehensive package, which includes a Licensed MazeMaster video tracking software, a camera, cables, IR lights, light fixtures, and a PC. This versatile package can be used for conducting tests in various other mazes manufactured by VJ Instruments, including the Radial Maze, T-Maze, Y-Maze, Plus Maze, Barnes Maze, Elevated Zero Maze, and Open Field Maze.

Tracking in the Morris Water Maze

VJ Instruments offers a complete solution for tracking rodents within the Morris Water Maze. The tracking process involves the following steps:

  • Hidden Platform: A hidden platform is positioned approximately 1cm below the water surface within the maze.
  • Camera Monitoring: A camera is mounted directly above the water maze, continuously monitoring the subjects as they navigate the maze.
  • Data Collection: MazeMaster software analyzes the video feed and records essential parameters, including escape latency (the time taken to locate the platform), thigmotaxis duration, distance traveled, and time spent in various zones of the maze.
  • Trajectory Analysis: The software provides a comprehensive trajectory analysis of the rodent’s movements, facilitating a deeper understanding of their behavior.

In conclusion, the Morris Water Maze is a versatile and effective tool for assessing spatial learning and memory. VJ Instruments offers a comprehensive solution, enhancing the precision and ease of conducting experiments, making it an ideal choice for researchers in the field of behavioral science.

The Morris Water Maze is available in two versions, tailored for mice and rats. Here are the technical specifications for each:

Standard ColorBlack 
Other Color OptionsWhite, Grey, Color as per choice on order 
PlatformHeight adjustable platform is provided with the water maze 

These specifications ensure that the Morris Water Maze meets the specific requirements of research involving mice and rats, providing a reliable platform for experiments.

Note: VJ Instruments product development is a continuous process so specifications may change without prior notification.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The Morris Water Maze is a widely used behavioral test for rodents. It consists of a pool of water in which animals must navigate to find a hidden platform. Researchers utilize this maze to assess spatial learning and memory in rodents.

The Morris Water Maze is unique in its setup, featuring a water-filled pool and a hidden platform. Unlike other mazes, it evaluates spatial memory through the animal’s ability to locate the hidden platform.

This maze primarily assesses spatial learning and memory. Researchers can examine how animals learn the location of the hidden platform and how this ability changes over time or with various treatments.

In Morris Water Maze experiments, animals are placed in the water and must swim to find the hidden platform. Spatial memory is evaluated by recording the time it takes to locate the platform and the path they take to get there.

Researchers typically measure latency to find the platform, the distance travelled, and the time spent in the target quadrant. These measurements provide insights into spatial memory and learning abilities.

The Morris Water Maze helps researchers gain insights into spatial cognition, memory processes, and the impact of various interventions on cognitive abilities in rodents.

This maze is highly sensitive to changes in spatial memory and learning, making it a valuable tool for studying neurodegenerative diseases, drug effects, and other cognitive processes.

Researchers need to consider factors like stress and variability in animal behavior. Habituation and the potential influence of non-spatial cues are also important considerations.

Insights derived from Morris Water Maze experiments can be applied to understanding spatial memory deficits, Alzheimer’s disease, and drug development for cognitive disorders.

Proper maintenance and hygiene are crucial. Regular cleaning and sterilization are necessary to prevent contamination and maintain consistent experimental conditions.

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