A revolutionary self-contained film coater is adapted to handle smaller trial batches of tablets and granules. The Pharma R & D tablet coating machine has elegant exterior fabricated of SS 304 box with coating pan supported in a tangential position of 35° to 45°.

Coating small batches of the tablets and granules.


Research and development department of pharmaceutical companies had to manufacture unnecessary quantities of test drugs due to existing standards coating facilities which is resulted in huge wastage of effort as well as money.


The new R & D tablet coating machine is designed to fulfill the specific need, with the help of unique array of smaller coating pan sizes of 4” & 6” which ensures the quantity of the test batch never exceeds the requirement.


The R & D tablet coating machine has the exterior appearance of an elegant fabricated box with coating pan supported in a tangential position of 35° to 45°. The entire drive mechanism is concealed with the box leaving only the hub, supporting the coating pan, projected outwards to enable vertical rotary momentum.


Tablet Coating Machine

Coating pan has been made from pure SS 304/SS 316 quality material, it consists of central cylindrical portion. Opening front side known as “pan mouth”. Baffles are

provided along the interior walls for efficient coating. The pan is detachable and available in an array of sizes 4” and 6”. Pan rpm can be set from 3 to 100 rpm


Tablet Coating Machine

The heater heats the inlet air at the desired temperature required to dry the tablets. It can be controlled to deliver the air at 30 C (ambient) to 80 C.


Tablet Coating Machine

Unwanted fumes and dust (generated by core tablets & coating material) can be cleared through the exhaust pipes from the coating pan.


Tablet Coating Machine

It filters and removes moisture coming from compressor and also controls the flow rate. We can set air pressure in psi or bar.


Tablet Coating Machine

Advanced control panel offers complete control over the various setting for the coater.


Tablet Coating Machine

Spray gun delivers droplets of the coating solution onto the tablet bed. Its superb performance is achieved by the use of a new range of nozzles made by pure SS 304/SS 316 & metered


Tablet Coating Machine

Peristaltic pump delivers exact amount of coating solution to the spray gun through silicon pipe dozing with the help of a peristaltic pump. It is easily adjustable along with its stand.

The R & D Coater is an integrated and semi-automatic unit consisting of stainless steel coating pan, a spraying system, a hot air blower, and an exhaust system. It uses the rotary momentum of the coating pan to tumble the tablets/granules contained within it. Baffles are provided along the interior walls of the pan to tilt the contents for efficient coating.

As film coating requires a spray technique, a spray gun delivers finely nebulized droplets of the coating solution onto the moving bed, in such a manner as to ensure uniform coverage. The tablets are dried by directing a stream of hot air onto the surface of the tablet bed and the exhaust between 60°C- 80°C, to achieve better performance. All the setting, including the temperature and rotation speeds can be measured and adjusted accurately using the advance control panel. Feeding and retrieving the tablets/granules from the pan should be done with scoop, and the various parameters for coating should be established through trials.

  • The R & D Coater requires an extremely leveled base to function correctly.
  • Compressed air and electricity.
  • Effective earthing to the equipment must be ensured.
R&D Coater SPEC.
Motor Drive 0.2kW/0.25 hp Single Phase (1PH)/230V
Motor Induction motor 40 watts
Electrical services As per country requirement
RPM 3 to 150 rpm
Blower 0.50 hp
Heater 1.0 kW
400 mm
Length 605 mm
Weight(Approx.) 110 Kg
Model No.VJRD-01
  • Emergency stop switch.
  • Auto stop feature when process time completes.
  • MSME Certificate
  • ISO Certificate
  • GMP Certificate
  • CE Certificate

Note: VJ Instruments product development is a continuous process so specifications may change without prior notification.

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