MazeMaster is a Video tracking software used for research in behavioral analysis of Rodents such as Rats, Mice and Guinea pigs. The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and research scientists of India were looking for a software product that could provide them with a substitute for imported products available for behavioral research. MazeMaster is developed to satisfy this need.


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VJ Instruments is a Company engaged in the production of Scientific Instruments with a “difference”. With an invention in the field of Pharmacy and Pre Clinical research, we supply range of world class products which comply with quality standards and “ease in use”.

We have team of professionals with adequate experience in the Pharma Industry and Academia. Company is lined up with further projects of research and development and is constantly engaged in innovation and product development.

Our product development is guided by eminent Researchers Engineers and Technocrats. Our Products are specifically meant for small animal behavior research as well as tools used in R&D, pilot drug development. We also deal with innovative custom base requirements.

MazeMaster ® is a simplified user friendly interface used for automated video tracking of animal behavioral activity. This multi model software is implemented for almost all Maze protocols including Radial Arm Maze, Elevated Plus Maze, T-Maze, Y-Maze, Water Maze, Zero Maze. In addition our software is also used for other behavior protocol like Novel Object Recognition, Light and dark box, Force swim test Apparatus, Open Field Test (Circular & Square). MazeMaster is the common software supports multi model facility of several behavior protocols. Therefore MazeMaster is one of the most cost effective and reliable software available in market.

MazeMaster improves the efficiency of experiment by simultaneously analysing several animals in group at once. Use of MazeMaster by scientific community has recognized the precision provided by software.


  • Cost & time saving
  • Minimizes human error
  • Multi model application (works with n number of mazes)
  • Tracks more than 25 behavior activity
  • Improves working efficiency
  • Supports live or recorded video tracking
  • MazeMaster is one of the most cost effective software used for a wide range of animal (rodents) behavioral experiments. MazeMaster analyses various behavioral parameters like locomotion, Spontaneous behavior, anxiety, depression, different type of memory & drug abuse reward.

    • Tracking – Body Center or Nose Point Tracking
    • Trajectory
    • Video Recording with zone overlap.
    • Reports in graphical, excel, PDF formats
    • Treatment
    • Group
    • First Zone Entered
    • Zone Entries
    • Zone Exits
    • Sequence Of Entry
    • Test Duration [ Total Test Time ]
    • Time Spent In Each Zone
    • Active Time In Each Zone
    • Total Active Time
    •  Freezing Time In Each Zone
    • Freezing Time In Each Zone
    • Total Freezing Time
    • Freezing Count In Each Zone
    • Freezing Count In Each Zone
    • Total Freezing Count
    • Max Time-Spent In Zone
    • Min Time-Spent In Zone
    • Passive Time In Each Zone
    • Total Passive Time
    • Distance Traveled In Each Zone
    • Total Distance Traveled
    • Poking Count In Each Zone
    • Total Poking Count
    • Rearing Count In Each Zone
    • Total Rearing Count
    • Max Rearing Time-Spent In Zone
    • Min Rearing Time-Spent In Zone
    • Rearing Time In Each Zone(manual)
    • Total Rearing Time
    • Grooming Count In Each Zone(manual)
    • Grooming Time In Each Zone(manual)
    • Total Grooming Count
    • Total Grooming Time
    • Max Grooming Time-Spent (Zone)
    • Min Grooming Time-Spent (Zone)
    • Speed In Each Zone
    • Average Speed
    • Latency To Target Zone (Morris Water )
    • Latency To First Zone
    • Latency To First Rear

    Special Zone drawing tools.

    Researchers can use MazeMaster® application to research on different zone/patterns for novel type of mazes as well as custom made mazes. MazeMaster supports drawing of different zones such as circular, rectangular, polygonal shapes or any custom made designs of their interest with a single mouse click.

  • Reports

    Maze Master exports data in most compatible Excel PDF and graphical format which can be used by users to analyse the data. MazeMaster also stores all experimental videos and trajectory reports.

  • Ambient Lighting System

    Environment of experimental room significantly affect the behavioral output. Considering this crucial factor we provide the Ambient lighting system to ensure appropriate temperature, humidity, light sound etc as per requirement of research laboratory.

    1. We help you to design and construct the acoustic room for the behavior experiment. We supply inverted light system with dimmer as well as lux meter to ensure uniform light and control its intensity in the experimental room.
    2. We also provide Night Vision Camera for nocturnal behavior / experiments.


    MaseMaster support different types of webcam, Analogue camera, firewall camera and IP cameras. Company also provides services for installation of cameras according to size of different mazes.


MazeMaster is a Microsoft windows based application and hence runs on any windows based PC .

But we recommend following computer specification mentioned in below table.

 Recommended specification for tracking in single mazeRecommended specification for tracking in multiple maze
Windows OS versionWindows 10Windows 10
Intel ProcessorCore i5 (Latest Generation)Core i9 (Latest Generation)
Hard disk500GB1TB
Display Resolution1920 x 10801920 x 1080
USB slots24
  • MSME Certificate
  • ISO Certificate
  • GMP Certificate
  • CE Certificate
Note: VJ Instruments product development is a continuous process so specifications may change without prior notification.


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