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Lab-Mini Spheronizer: Solutions for Pharmaceutical Spheronization

Welcome to the world of pharmaceuticals and precision manufacturing, where the Spheronizer, also known as the Marumerizer, has a crucial role to play. This machine has a unique job – it turns things into little round balls. In the pharmaceutical industry, where accuracy and consistency are top priorities, the Spheronizer is a vital tool. It takes medicines and other important substances and shapes them into small, uniform spheres.

Spheronizer - The Ultimate Spheroid Manufacturing Solution

In this video, we provide an up-close look at our Lab-Mini Screw Extruder in action. Watch as we demonstrate how this versatile machine can efficiently create pharmaceutical pellets for small-scale trials. From the loading of wet mass to the final product output, you’ll witness the precision and reliability that make our Lab-Mini Screw Extruders ideal for your experimental needs. Join us on this journey and discover the potential it holds for your small-scale trials.
Explore the world of spheronization with our advanced Spheronizer, designed to meet your granulation needs with precision and reliability.

The function of a spheronizer is to convert extrudes into spheroids. Spheronization is the necessary second step of granulation by extrusion – spheronization process where pharmaceutical products are made into small spheres or spheroids.
Spheronizer consists of a plate, which is having a special cross-hatched groves, known as chequered plate. This plate rotates inside a cylindrical bowl.
The radial clearance between the plate and the bowl is kept minimal (<0.3 mm) to reduce the powder leakage.
Purging air is supplied in this gap to prevent the falling of powder beneath the chequered plate. This air also helps for the evaporation of excess moisture from extrude and prevent particle agglomeration.
While rotating in the grooved plate with pre-desired groove size, the vermicelli will fragment into pieces with length equal to the diameter of extrudes.
Broken extrudes, because of the tangential force and centrifugal force, collide with the cylindrical wall of the spheronizer. The rotating rope type movement of extrudes at the outer border of the bowl gives a rolling action on the fragmented extrudes and it will be converted to spheres.
When the particles attain required spherical shape they are centrifugally discharged through the discharge door which opens into the discharge hopper.

Sr. No.SpecificationDetails
1Model NoVJSP-01
2CertificatesGMP, ISO, CE
3Chequered Plater

3.00 mm Pitch

Optional with extra cost.
1.0 mm Pitch to 8 mm Pitch

4Production Capacity40 to 500 gm per batch (2-6 kg/hr depends on formulation.)
5ProductAny Aqua base or solvent base formulation.
6RPM100 to 1400 rpm
7Electric Accessories230 V 1 Phase 50 Hz
8Air purged inlet (Optional)Filter Air with min 2 Bar Pressure supply should be provided by the Client.
9MOC Contact PartsSS 316
10MOC Non-Contact PartsSS 304
11HardwareStandard Make (Bearing shaft seal of SKF etc or equivalent)
12FinishNon Contact Area Matt Finish
Contact area Matt Finish
Machine part- Machine Finish
13Drive MotorCrompton or equivalent
14Switch GearStandard Make

Note: Capacities mentioned above depend on samples used and may vary accordingly. VJ Instruments product development is a continuous process so specifications may change without prior notification.

  • Emergency stop switch
  • Auto stop feature when process time completes



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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions about our Lab-Mini Spheronizer, its applications, and how it can benefit your specific needs. Here are some common questions and answers to provide you with quick and helpful information:

A Spheronizer’s main function is to convert extrudes into small, uniform spheres or spheroids, commonly used in pharmaceutical and granulation processes.

The Spheronizer achieves this by using a grooved plate that rotates within a cylindrical bowl. As extrudes break into pieces and collide with the bowl’s walls, they undergo a rolling action that transforms them into spheres.

The Lab-Mini Spheronizer has a capacity of 100 to 500 gm per batch (approximately 15 kg per hour). It features stainless steel construction, modular design, CNC-processed components, and variable speed control for the Checkered Plate.

Yes, safety features include an emergency stop switch and an auto-stop function when the process time completes, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

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