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MazeMaster: Your Complete Solution for Rodent Behavioral Analysis

MazeMaster® is a simplified and user-friendly software interface designed for automated video tracking of animal behavioral activity, specifically rodents like rats, mice, and guinea pigs. This versatile software was developed to meet the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and research scientists in India who sought a locally developed alternative to imported products for behavioral research. MazeMaster is the result of dedicated research and development efforts, striving to provide the scientific community with a cost-effective and reliable solution for studying small animal behavior. It simplifies the process of tracking and analyzing behavioral parameters, making it a valuable asset in various experimental setups.

MazeMaster Unleashed: Revolutionizing Rodent Behavior Analysis

Unlock the full potential of your rodent behavior research with MazeMaster. In this video, we dive into how MazeMaster transforms the way you analyze rodent behavior. Witness its precision tracking, custom zone creation, and extensive reporting capabilities. MazeMaster is your key to a deeper understanding of the fascinating world of rodent behavior research. Experience the future of behavioral analysis with MazeMaster and elevate your rodent research to new heights.

MazeMaster is a powerful tool for a wide range of animal (rodent) behavioral experiments, offering the following key features:

  • Tracking: MazeMaster allows for precise tracking of rodent behavior, whether it’s body center tracking or nose point tracking.
  • Trajectory: The software provides trajectory data, helping researchers understand the paths animals take within the maze.
  • Video Recording with Zone Overlap: MazeMaster records videos of experiments, and it’s equipped to handle overlapping zones for detailed analysis.
  • Reports in Multiple Formats: The software generates reports in graphical, Excel, and PDF formats, making it easy for researchers to analyze data.
  • Treatment and Group Analysis: Researchers can organize and analyze data based on different treatments and experimental groups.
  • Behavioral Parameters: MazeMaster automatically calculates and provides data on a wide range of behavioral parameters, including locomotion, spontaneous behavior, anxiety, depression, and different types of memory, as well as drug abuse reward.
  • Zone-Specific Data: The software breaks down data by zones, reporting on various aspects of rodent behavior within specific areas of the maze.
  • Custom Zone Creation: MazeMaster supports the creation of custom zones, including circular, rectangular, polygonal shapes, or any other design researchers require. These can be drawn with a single mouse click, allowing for novel maze patterns.
MazeMaster simplifies data management by exporting data in compatible formats, including Excel, PDF, and graphical formats. Additionally, the software stores all experimental videos and trajectory reports for future reference.

The experimental environment plays a crucial role in shaping behavioral outcomes. Recognizing this, we offer an ambient lighting system to ensure optimal conditions for temperature, humidity, light, and sound in research laboratories. We can assist in designing and constructing acoustic rooms for behavior experiments and provide an inverted light system with dimming capabilities, as well as a lux meter to control light intensity within the experimental room. For experiments involving nocturnal behavior, we supply night vision cameras.

Camera Compatibility

MazeMaster is compatible with a variety of camera types, including webcams, analog cameras, firewall cameras, and IP cameras. Our company provides camera installation services tailored to the specific requirements of different mazes.

Parameter For Mice For Rats
Windows version Windows 10 (64 bit) minimum Windows 11 (64-bit) minimum
Processor 64-bit Intel architecture minimum Intel Core i7, 11th Generation minimum
RAM 8GB minimum 16GB minimum
Hard drive 100GB minimum 1TB SSD minimum
Display 1366 x 768 24-bit color minimum ≥ 20 inch, 1920 x 1080 minimum
USB ports 1 minimum 2 minimum
MazeMaster is a Microsoft Windows-based application and can run on a wide range of Windows-based PCs. The system requirements can vary depending on the scale of tracking and research needs. For single maze tracking, the minimum specification is sufficient. However, for tracking in multiple mazes simultaneously, a more powerful PC with the recommended or powerful specifications is advisable.

MazeMaster has been featured in several publications, highlighting its significant role in behavioral research and its contribution to advancing the understanding of animal behavior. You can access some of the publications via the following links:



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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQs to get answers to common questions about MazeMaster, the powerful software for behavioral analysis in rodents.

MazeMaster is video tracking software designed for behavioral analysis in rodents, including rats, mice, and guinea pigs. It simplifies data tracking and analysis, making it a valuable tool for researchers.

MazeMaster is versatile and supports a wide range of maze protocols, including Radial Arm Maze, Elevated Plus Maze, T-Maze, Y-Maze, Water Maze, Zero Maze, and more.

MazeMaster can analyze various behavioral parameters, including locomotion, spontaneous behavior, anxiety, depression, memory, and drug abuse reward.

MazeMaster offers multiple tracking methods, including body center or nose point tracking. This allows for precise tracking of rodent movements.

Yes, MazeMaster supports the creation of custom zones, enabling researchers to design novel maze patterns and customize their experiments.

MazeMaster provides reports in graphical, Excel, and PDF formats, making it easy to analyze and present your research data.

Yes, MazeMaster stores all experimental videos and trajectory reports for future reference and analysis.

VJ Instruments offers support and assistance to MazeMaster users, including installation and setup guidance.

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