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Light/Dark Box: Unveiling Rodent Behavior in Controlled Environments

The VJ Instruments Light/Dark Box is an advanced system, fully computerized and designed for the study of conditioned reflexes, particularly Active and Passive Avoidance tests. It plays a pivotal role in research focused on learning and memory in rats and mice. This system provides a comprehensive solution for tracking rodents within the Active Passive Avoidance Chamber. The setup includes an intelligently designed chamber, camera-based monitoring, and specialized software that enables researchers to investigate conditioned reflexes, providing valuable insights into rodent behavior. This page explores the purpose, benefits, technical specifications, and how VJ Instruments facilitates precise tracking and analysis.
Purpose of the Light/Dark Box

The Light/Dark Box serves as a versatile and dynamic tool for investigating rodent behavior, with a primary focus on conditioned reflexes. Its key applications encompass:

  • Conducting Active and Passive Avoidance tests to assess conditioned reflexes in rats and mice.
  • Automatic calculation and analysis of parameters related to anxiety, including the time spent in the dark zone.
  • Analyzing rodent behaviors concerning the entries into the light and dark compartments.
Exploring VJ Instruments’ Light/Dark Box

VJ Instruments’ Light/Dark Box is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, incorporating features that enhance precision and reliability in behavioral research. Key attributes of the Light/Dark Box include:

  • High-Quality Material: Constructed using high-end, non-reflective material to minimize distractions during experiments.
  • Rat and Mouse Compatibility: Available for both rats and mice, ensuring versatility in research.
  • Compartment Design: Comprises a small, dark compartment (one third) and a large, illuminated compartment (two thirds), facilitating experiments that evaluate behavior in response to environmental changes.
Tracking in the Light/Dark Box

VJ Instruments offers a complete tracking solution, allowing researchers to monitor rodent behavior within the Light/Dark Box.

In summary, the VJ Instruments Light/Dark Box is an invaluable tool for behavioral research, offering a controlled environment to assess conditioned reflexes and study rodent behavior. The comprehensive tracking solution simplifies data collection and enhances the precision of experiments, making it a trusted choice for researchers in the field of learning and memory studies.


The Light/Dark Box is available in two versions, tailored for mice and rats. Here are the technical specifications for each:

Light/Dark Box SPEC.For MiceFor Rat
Box Height35cm40cm
Dark Chamber Dimension42x20x35(h)cm48x48x40(h)cm
Light Chamber Dimension42x20x35(h)cm48x48x40(h)cm
Power80V/240Vac, 50/60 Hz 

These specifications ensure that the Light/Dark Box caters to the specific requirements of researchers conducting experiments involving mice and rats, enabling precise data collection and analysis.

Note: VJ Instruments is committed to continuous product development and improvement. As a result, specifications may be subject to change without prior notification.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The Light/Dark Box is a behavioral apparatus designed to assess anxiety-related behaviors in rodents. It consists of two compartments: a brightly lit “light” compartment and a dark, enclosed “dark” compartment.

The Light/Dark Box is distinctive due to its two-compartment design, which allows researchers to observe the animal’s preference for illuminated vs. enclosed areas. It measures anxiety-related behavior and exploratory tendencies.

The Light/Dark Box primarily evaluates anxiety and exploratory behaviors in rodents. Researchers study how animals respond to the contrasting environments and their willingness to transition between them.


In Light/Dark Box experiments, rodents are placed in the “light” compartment, and their behavior is observed. Researchers record data related to the time spent in the “light” and “dark” compartments, transitions between them, and various anxiety-related behaviors.

While the basic Light/Dark Box design remains consistent, researchers may introduce variations in compartment size, lighting conditions, and technology for data collection and analysis.

Common measurements include the time spent in the “light” and “dark” compartments, the number of transitions between compartments, and various behaviors that reflect anxiety, such as stretching and rearing.


The Light/Dark Box provides insights into anxiety-related behaviors and the impact of anxiety on exploratory tendencies in rodents. It is also relevant to studies involving the effects of interventions on anxiety.

The Light/Dark Box is a straightforward and widely used tool for assessing anxiety-related behaviors. It offers a simple method to study the effects of treatments or interventions on anxiety in rodents.

Researchers need to consider factors like habituation and the influence of non-pharmacological treatments on behavior. Variability in individual animal behavior is also a consideration.

Insights from Light/Dark Box experiments can be applied to studies related to anxiety disorders, the effects of pharmacological treatments, and understanding the impact of anxiety on cognitive abilities in rodents and other species.

Proper maintenance and hygiene are essential. Regular cleaning and sterilization of the box are necessary to ensure consistent experimental conditions and prevent contamination.

While the Light/Dark Box is primarily used for rodents, researchers can adapt the principles to other animal models to study anxiety and exploratory behaviors.

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