The conditioned place preference system is a standard preclinical behavioral model used to study the rewarding and aversive effects of drugs. Although a number of different designs and apparatuses are used in this model, the basic characteristics of this task involve the association of a particular environment with drug treatment, followed by the association of a different environment with the absence of the drug (i.e., the drug’s vehicle).

The VJ Instruments Conditioned place preference system is manufactured using high end non-reflective material and is available for rat or mouse. It consists of a shuttle box divided into two parts with a partition in between. Separate grids for rats and mice are available. It consists of an easily removable tray.

The Conditioned place preference system comes in as a part of the whole package that includes a Licensed Conditioned place preference system video tracking software, camera with accessories like cables fixing, IR lights, Light fixtures and a PC.

The VJ Instruments provides a complete solution to track the rats or mice in the Conditioned place preference system..

The rodent is placed in the 1 part of the shuttle box of the Conditioned place preference system. The rodent is observed by a camera mounted above the Conditioned place preference system. The camera is connected to a PC where Conditioned place preference system software is installed. Conditioned place preference system software provides the user with the ability to control the cue type, cue duration and scoring frequency. Conditioned place preference system software records the start and end of shuttle episodes by analysing video frames in real time.Conditioned place preference system software accurately reports total number of shuttle episodes and total shuttle time for each session.

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