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Innovation for Your Research Success

Looking to innovate? Our R&D and F&D Equipments are perfect for tinkering, experimenting, and bringing your ideas to life!

Revolutionize Drug Delivery with Transdermal Patches

Our Transdermal Patch Machine, the hassle-free solution for pain relief and medication delivery, made easy with a simple patch application.

Behavior Research
Made Easy

Uncover behavioral insights with precision using our specialized instruments, from tracking software fear conditioning to maze systems

Enhancing Preclinical Research with Specialized Instruments

Elevate preclinical research with our instruments designed for accurate pain threshold assessments in humans

Insect Tracker

VJ Instruments’ Revolutionizing Insect Behavior Analysis: Advanced Video Tracking with Insect Tracker Insect Tracker revolutionizes

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t maze with door

VJ Instruments’ T-Maze: Exploring Spatial Learning and Memory in Rodents The T-Maze is a versatile

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y maze with doors

VJ Instruments’ Y-Maze: Unraveling Rodent Spatial Learning and Memory The Y-Maze is a specialized maze

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zero maze frontview
Zero Maze

VJ Instruments’ Zero Maze: Unraveling Anxiety-Related Behavior in Rodents The Zero Maze is a specialized

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